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Family Owned





The Nelson Family

  We are Family

Being family owned and operated, we are a small company that prides itself on quality and service. We strive to make each and every customer a repeat customer. We have been doing projects using reclaimed woods for over 20 years. Each project is carefully crafted to create a one of a kind piece of art.


Our philosophy is that a home should provide for the current and future needs of the family, fit within their budget requirements, and compliment the surrounding environment. We offer design and contracting services that help you achieve those goals.


We are a family managed business. We are fiscally conservative and strive to use our infinite resources to build a solid, responsive organization in a step-by-step, controlled manner. We do not believe in growth for the sake of growth. This work ethic has not only been a successful form of doing business on a day to day level, but has created life long relationships with a solid customer base. Once a customer, you will likely become a repeat customer.


We are reclaimed wood (and other unique wood) “harvesters.” Our portfolio consists of millions of board feet of reclaimed, rescued and other unique lumber, which we believe will result in products of unmatched character for our customers.


We are not afraid to purchase large batches of wood when the right opportunities present themselves and then sit on them until the right customers and products come along.We are primarily wholesalers, and we focus our sales efforts, (including our pricing and policies) on developing long-term relationships with manufacturing, architectural, construction, service and distribution partners.


We are straight shooters. We would rather lose a sale than to plant the seeds of an unhappy customer. We emphasize that the same characteristics which make our products unique often have practical installation/use implications which should be carefully considered.


We believe in telling you what we know (or at least think we know!) about the important physical characteristics of our products (through specification sheets, proposal terms, etc.), we are up-front about our policies and terms of sale.


In a nutshell, we do our best to “tell it like it is” and then let you decide where and how to use our products. We offer reclaimed wood from just the right resources, those that have served the community well, are destined for demolition and have just the right type and quality of wood.


The structures are carefully taken down and cut into plank floors.This wood has already grown as trees for 100 to 200 years and was then used in structures for perhaps another 100. Our unique furniture products are hand worked with the upmost artistic care and design. Each piece of wood has it's very own DNA. Like a fingerprint - no one piece is ever the same. Just as nature intended it to be.


Once reclaimed it will proudly go into your home for another lifetime or two.


                                                    Made in America - American Made

                                                    The Nelson Family



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